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The ‘Sales Offer’ Creation Platform of the Future is Here: Why Not You?

The ‘Sales Offer’ Creation Platform of the Future is Here: Why Not You?

These days we get a bit surprised when we hear some speeches at travel conferences, read the trade press or ‘thought leadership’ papers from some tech providers that ‘look-to-book caused by metasearch is a massive cost issue for airlines’ or ‘NDC requires airline systems to serve millions of searches’ and ‘consumers now require instant search’.

3_hands-coffee-smartphone-technologyLet’s be frank – these issues are nearly a decade old, generated by the explosion of metasearch traffic, growing consumer demand, then the arrival of NDC. And this increasing complexity is a side product of benefits like customer acquisition from metasearch, better user experience, mobile shopping and NDC distribution to agencies. It is the job of travel tech providers to solve such issues for airlines. Guess what: for five years Vayant has saved airlines millions of dollars on shopping related charges they would have incurred from their PSS/pricing provider and enabled their online customers to enjoy an instant search experience.

It started in 2012 with Vayant FastSearch™ – a disruptive search product that used background calculation algorithms to pre-compute pricing offers and avoid system heavy interactive recalculation with the benefit of a sub-second response time and a very limited cost per search. It has it all: multi-month calendars, inspirational search, massive distribution volumes.

Airlines of all sizes, from mega airlines to regional, rely on this technology to develop effective and competitive metasearch distribution, serving more than 100 markets.

Despite the yearly exponential increase of the number of processed transactions, Vayant is still capable to secure answers to metasearch requests on a sub-second basis with all elements of the Sales Offer (fare brands, cabins, services) that the airline wants to distribute to its partners. And the number of transactions served to metasearch has been steadily growing – Vayant is now going to process 2 Billion transactions on a yearly basis.

Since complexity will always keep increasing, technology must anticipate. Interlining was long solved, embraced and empowered the IATA NDC initiative, then entered additional intelligent calculation algorithms (Vayant SmartSearch) for more accuracy, flexibility and speed. While Vayant FastSearch™ & SmartSearch have been extensively proven for the distribution of massive volumes, Vayant OneSearch™ (which is capable of sub-second response in specific configurations) now also supports NDC distribution. What’s the next step? The NDC ready Vayant Merchandising engine – an add-on to the Vayant platform.

Now, back to the topic… Why not you? NDC does not necessarily mean embarking into a 2-4 years program without clarity on its return on investment and when that would materialize. Why not take advantage of the agility and performance of a modern platform that changes the way customers buy from you? We invite you to share with us your objectives and your challenges so we can help you drive your digital transformation, solve specific issues such as excess-message charges and reap the benefits of the NDC revolution in a matter of weeks.


And because action speaks louder than words, this quarter Vayant will release the 5th generation of Vayant FastSearch™ with accuracy improvement, nearly unlimited markets and a system always easier to setup!

So, why not you?


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