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Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

shutterstock_577323202Last week a friend of mine was flying to an important business meeting. And, as it often happens, just a couple of hours before the flight she had to integrate more data into her presentation.Working in the airline lounge would have been the best option – to benefit from the good Wi-Fi, charge the laptop and work in a quiet environment before her flight.

Alas, this is not possible with a Silver card, only Gold gives access to the airline lounge. She would have been happy to pay for the lounge but it was not on offer at the point of booking, and not even at the airport the day she flew.

After wasting time queuing for food and struggling to connect to airport Wi-Fi, of course her work was not complete before boarding. Flying ‘Business’ would have been a comfortable choice but at the time of booking it was expensive and a bit of a ‘nice to have’. However at that point in time having space to work and an electric outlet for the laptop would have been a life-saver and justified to pay for an upgrade. But this was not an option via the airline app! Tough luck! Especially when walking onto the aircraft the business cabin looked nearly empty on that flight…

What a missed opportunity for the airline! They could have sold lounge access, an upgrade to ‘Business’ or both! And certainly, they would have created a taste for these treats and sold them again for another flight. Especially if for Silver card holders they would offer them with a discount, so they create real value for that card – at no cost, but profit! Missed revenues for them, frustrating experience for their passenger who may look at more flexible airlines next time.

shutterstock_womanPassengers expect airlines to sell the services that could be relevant to them… if the price of the product is seen as worthwhile value. And because their needs may be different at the time of booking, or on the day of departure, they should also be able to buy at any time from their PC at home, or on-the-go via the airline mobile app.

Many online retailers achieve this. Travelers as consumers are addicted to the ‘Amazon experience’ and ready to buy additional services with a single click, to make their journey more enjoyable, personalized and effective.

Why do Airlines leave money on the table?

It is a paradox as they are in a privileged position: airlines have so much detailed information about their passengers and their journey – from booking time, to check-in, boarding and post travel – travelers are ‘captive’ to be sold more of what they need. However many airlines do not have a flexible enough merchandising solution, that would work across all their channels, adapt the offer to the context and the profile of the passenger and always propose the right price, that makes the sale and maximizes the airline revenue.

shutterstock_554752924Vayant Merchandising
has been designed with the airline and traveler perspectives in mind: combining the relevance and experience that travelers expect with the need for airlines to sell the way they like, always at the best price.

So as an airline, why not you? You can upgrade to a modern system that works for passengers and for you. Vayant can have Vayant Merchandising up and running for you in a matter of weeks, just enough time for summer holidays!


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