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The Phoenix and its New Home

The Phoenix and its New Home

Dear Vayant Customer, Partners, Shareholders and Employees,

Today we have announced that Vayant Travel Technologies Inc. has been acquired by PROS.  For Vayant, this acquisition is a natural and positive step to accelerate our growth and maximize our contribution to the travel industry, and we are glad to see all our customers, partners and employees finding a new home within the PROS family.

Our partners and customers will highly benefit from this consolidation with a larger investment and a broader team that will contribute to the extension, improvement and support of Vayant solutions to accelerate and scale up the geographical reach. Obviously, the integration with PROS revenue management solutions will let us deliver more value to you, as well as present unique innovation opportunities. Vayant has been a very active player in the e-Commerce, distribution and IATA New Distribution Capabilities and bringing the two companies together will support airlines and OTAs in accelerating both their digital transformation and their adoption of value generation e-Commerce and merchandising solutions.

Our Vayant team is proud of what has been built.  Shopping and pricing are certainly among the most complex pieces of technology in the travel industry. It requires excellence, patience, dedication and passion.

I am honored that our team has achieved consistent technological excellence, while growing revenue, always keeping an incredibly high customer rating and delivering on expectations. As a result, we have delivered one of the best-of-breed solution in the technology industry. Innovation is difficult and does not follow a linear path.  But our team has always had the fantastic capability of striving to succeed even when it seems impossible, because customer satisfaction has been at the heart of everything. For all those years I have kept on my desk an orange phoenix origami, a visionary Christmas gift from Andrey, who is on our team.

Today this Phoenix has found a new home with PROS.

We would not have achieved without the customers, partners, employees, and shareholders who trusted the Vayant team. We appreciate how our customers have adopted Vayant solutions because they believed in us. When an easy choice could have been to buy from legacy global providers, they trusted Vayant for what we are: agile, flexible, innovative, creative and dedicated. We like to think the return on investment was well beyond their expectations.

I feel lucky to have shared this journey with all of you, so keep up the good work, and be very proud of what you have achieved.

Eric Dumas


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