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OneSearch is able to serve the airfare search needs of airlines, online travel agencies, tour operators, and metasearch engines. Our proprietary search algorithms find unique itineraries capable of creating split itineraries at both the destination or connection points. Learn more about OneSearch >




Vayant Merchandising is an easy and powerful solution for airlines to market flights related services such as seats, baggage and other products with a superior customer experience to differentiate and increase their revenues. Give value to travelers to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction – market the right product, at the right price, on the right channel. Learn more about Merchandising >


World-wide sub-second search from a live environment. It is based on an innovative approach and works without traditional caching techniques. FastSearch is designed to capture 80% of a customer’s searches in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional systems. Learn more about FastSearch >



Repricer is a web service for automated airline ticket changes, cancellations and refunds. Airlines can use it to automate the processing of ticket reissue/revalidate/refund rules and find all information about whether the ticket can be changed and at what cost, and whether a cancellation is possible and the refund amount and penalties. Learn more about Repricer >

Pricing Cache

Pricing Cache is a highly customizable cache solution for OTAs, TOs and Airlines. Its customer-driven cache-update schedules can be set for as frequent as once per hour. The cache contains fully priced flight itineraries checked against seat availability. Every customer can conveniently specify various input parameters through a web admin portal. Learn more about Pricing Cache >


Pricing Intelligence

A real-time snapshot of future prices world-wide including all taxes and fare rules. Whether to enhance traditional revenue management practices in a fully integrated solution, or to drive automated personalized marketing campaigns, Pricing Intelligence provides millions of dollars of value without the expensive host transactions. Learn more about Pricing Intelligence >

Dynamic Pricing

Vayant Dynamic Pricing is a valuable add-on to the Vayant Shopping and Pricing platform. It enables airlines to design their own conditions of application and calculation rules to adjust fares in real-time and offer the right price at the right moment. Perfect module to instantly implement promotions or respond to market dynamics, maximizing conversion and revenue opportunities. Learn more about Dynamic Pricing >


Vayant Analytics is the tool for airlines to analyze customer shopping and booking behavior and get a comprehensive 360° insight to optimize the Sales Offer. Identify growth potential and untapped opportunities to boost your revenue by getting to know your customers. Acces real-time data and drill down various dimensions. Learn more about Analytics >

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