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Grab the merchandising opportunity now!

Merchandising made easy:  Vayant Merchandising is a comprehensive solution for airlines to market their flight-related services with a superior customer experience, thanks to rich content (photos, videos) and instant response. Airline can distribute full Sales Offers (prices services) on direct and indirect NDC channels to differentiate and increase their revenues.

Conversion and Revenue: With Vayant Merchandising it is always possible to set the right price, competitive enough to make the sale, high enough to maximize the airline’s revenue. Vayant Merchandising offers an unrivaled flexibility to bundle, unbundle, differentiate price between check-in, booking or other stage in the passenger journey, apply dynamic pricing or even personalize based on customer profile.

Quick and Easy Implementation: Vayant Merchandising can be easily and quickly integrated within any airline distribution environment (internet/mobile booking engine and flight reservation system).

Omni-Channel: Immediately gives airlines a multi-channel retail solution, through standard or NDC compliant interfaces with control on delivered content by channel or point of sales such as metasearch, agencies and tour operators.

Efficiency: As Vayant Merchandising is compatible with ATPCO filed fares and services, airlines customers can reuse and manipulate data already filed for distribution to GDSs as well as self-load new services in the Vayant platform, combining minimal effort with unrivaled flexibility.

Control: Same user-friendly Web interface common to all Vayant products to maintain each of the Business Rules for instant time-to-market.


Comprehensive management of services and bundles

  • Superior user experience: rich content management (photos, videos), easy to integrate in any IBE booking flow
  • Reuse and manipulate ATPCO filed data or directly self-load new services
  • Full set of applicability rules based on market, fares, flight, etc.
  • Inventory management
  • Bundling with branded fares or fare buckets

Advanced dynamic pricing capabilities

  • Intelligent pricing: adapt services’ price according to purchase context (for example pre/post-booking)
  • Maximize yield: monitor services demand and automatically adjust price
  • Personalization: adapt to passenger profile (status, corporation, etc.)
  • Context-driven: apply discounts, offer promo plans & limited bundles

Monitor your ROI

  • Coupled with Vayant Analytics Solution, monitor your sales in a real-time
  • Drill through your shoppers’ behavior and adapt your sales strategy