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Solutions for Airlines, Agencies and PSS

Vayant unique patented technology will enable you to unlock new revenues, build relationships with the channels and deepen your connection with the customers

Vayant Pricing and Shopping is a proven powerful and flexible platform that enables airlines to implement a comprehensive retailing. In an NDC context the platform powers Sales Offer creation and distribution across all channels with the ability to fulfill the role of “NDC Aggregator” thanks to the interlining capability. Vayant solutions also differentiate through hundreds of adjustable business parameters and a next-generation Web Admin Interface that give Airlines full control of their platform.

OneSearch Pricing & Shopping

NDC compliant ATPCo Airfare and Awards pricing and shopping engine to replace – or complement – the one in your reservation system


Automated airline ticket changes and cancellations. Handles customers’ requests for refunds and changes on your web site as well as for agents

Distribution to 3rd Parties

NDC compliant distribution managing high-volume delivery of Sales Offers without look-to-book restrictions and minimal host impact. (Meta-search and Tour Operators)

Retail & Merchandising

Design your fare buckets, bundles and ancillaries to boost revenue with better shopping experience and conversion

mpetitive Price Intelligence

Dynamic Pricing

Expand pricing flexibility beyond the limitations of filed fares. Vayant Dynamic Pricing enables instant modification of fares to respond to market dynamics and seize revenues opportunities

NDC Plug-in

Vayant’s NDC API integration enables airline retailing across all channels.

Digital Marketing & Inspiration

Improve customer acquisition with inspiration applications such as map or affinity shopping

Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Monitoring and notification system keeps you up to date with the latest price changes of your competitors

Vayant shopping solutions deliver performance and functionalities and superior user experience to replace standard GDS and third party solutions.

Pricing & Shopping

Airfare pricing and shopping engine that handles huge volume of data and your real-time decision needs


Make online shopping inspiring for the travel shopper while handling very high transaction volumes at minimal cost

Vayant – NDC compliant – solutions can be easily integrated into PSS and IBEs environments to enable your airlines to benefit from state of the art shopping, pricing, and repricing capability across their digital and traditional channels.

Pricing & Shopping

Airfare pricing and shopping engine that can completely replace – or complement – the one in your reservation system


Vayant enables automated, fast and simple airline ticket changes and cancellations

Precomputed Shopping & Distribution

With Vayant Precomputed shopping and distribution, you select which travel agencies and metasearch engines you want to receive your prices and Vayant does the rest


Vayant makes it fast and simple to take advantage of the exciting revenue and customer benefits with fare buckets, unbundling and ancillaries