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Solutions for Airlines, Agencies and PSS

Vayant Sales Offer Platform

Break free from legacy technologies and outperform your competition

Best-in-class Performance, Total Control, Optimized Cost of Ownership

  • Enable digital retail across your channels with advanced shopping, pricing and merchandising
  • Enjoy high scalability to power NDC distribution to metasearch and agencies
  • Power innovative marketing and inspirational applications

Turn your pricing capability into a competitive advantage and boost conversion and yield

  • ATPCo Compatible: fares and ancillaries filed for indirect channels and airline self-loaded; interlines with 400 airline partners.
  • Flexible Business Model: economically scalable for massive search volumes.
  • Entirely Rule-driven: customize for your business and optimize your sales with hundreds of parameters. 
  • High Performance: world-class response time and accuracy ensured by Vayant algorithms with integration with airline inventory, PSS, IBE and RMS systems.
  • Dynamic Pricing and Personalization: always provide the right price point on fares, services, brands.
  • Peace of Mind: hosted in Vayant cloud, easy to integrate in any airline environment. Processes high volumes of search transactions and shields the airline host/PSS.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: monitor sales performance and optimize sales offers in real-time.


The advanced alternative to legacy products. Best-in-class shopping: accurate flight search in seconds, comprehensive search criteria and multiple displays (list, matrix, calendars). Entirely configurable by the airline to optimize itinerary construction and user experience.

  • Easy integration: with any PSS or IBE
  • Advanced pricing: branded fares, optional services, private fares, award
  • Dynamic pricing:  the right price for each customer, compatible with filed fares
  • Compatibility: with industry pricing and NDC


NDC Distribution

Sales Offer distribution solution ‘in a box’ to shift volumes away from costly GDS channels and regain control of agencies, OTAs and metasearch. Omni-channel, full content control, flexibility to suit each partner’s requirements, with no worries about the volumes of searches.

  • Comprehensive: prices, brands, services, rich content and dynamic pricing across any channel
  • Highly scalable: millions of transactions, milliseconds response time
  • Content, quality and cost control: down to each point-of-sale, entirely rule-driven



Merchandising made easy: increased conversion and revenues per passenger by selling extra baggage, legroom and other services. Upsell at anytime in the customer journey using rich content like images and video for a superior shopping experience across direct distribution channels.

  • Industry Compatible: use data filed in ATPco or create yours
  • Always the right price offer: bundles, dynamic pricing, personalization
  • Inventory management: integrated with other airline data such as seatmap to increase yield


Vayant shopping solutions deliver performance and functionalities and superior user experience to replace standard GDS and third party solutions.

Pricing & Shopping

Airfare pricing and shopping engine that handles huge volume of data and your real-time decision needs


Make online shopping inspiring for the travel shopper while handling very high transaction volumes at minimal cost

Vayant NDC compliant solutions can be easily integrated into PSS and IBEs environments to enable your airlines to benefit from state of the art shopping, pricing, and repricing capability across their digital and traditional channels.

Pricing & Shopping

Airfare pricing and shopping engine that can completely replace – or complement – the one in your reservation system


Vayant enables automated, fast and simple airline ticket changes and cancellations

Precomputed Shopping & Distribution

With Vayant Precomputed shopping and distribution, you select which travel agencies and metasearch engines you want to receive your prices and Vayant does the rest


Vayant makes it fast and simple to take advantage of the exciting revenue and customer benefits with fare buckets, unbundling and ancillaries

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