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Facilitating the Future of Distribution, Vayant Upgrades its NDC Certification with IATA

Facilitating the Future of Distribution, Vayant Upgrades its NDC Certification with IATA


Montreal, May 31st, 2017 – Vayant Travel Technologies Inc., a leading provider for the global travel industry, extends its NDC Level 2 certification to the version 16.2 for its NDC based Shopping, Pricing, Merchandising and Distribution solutions.

NDC_Certified-2On May 31st, 2017 Vayant Travel Technologies Inc. went through a successful certification process as “NDC Capable Level 2 v.16.2” for its solutions Vayant OneSearch™, Vayant FastSearch and Vayant Merchandising under IATA’s NDC Certification Program. This status recognizes that Vayant solutions support deployments using offer management messages whose schemas are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, version 16.2.

With Vayant Merchandising – our newest released solution – being now NDC certified, we can offer a comprehensive high performance NDC Sales Offer platform that goes above and beyond the solutions available in the market. It enables airlines to take control of their offer, transform their passenger shopping experience and maximize their yield with Dynamic Pricing, with an unrivalled scalability”, shared Eric Dumas, Vayant CEO. “With this latest evolution of our platform we aim to make it easier for airlines to transition to the NDC world.

Offer Management is a key component of NDC as it enables airlines to distribute their full product offers and to merchandize their baggage, seat choices and ancillary services, using rich content, in an anonymous or personalized manner. We are pleased to see Vayant progressing on their NDC journey by supporting major airlines’ NDC distribution programs”, said Yanik Hoyles, IATA NDC Program Director.

For more information about IATA NDC Certification Program and the different types of NDC messages, please visit this link.

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Vayant Travel Technologies, Inc. provides airlines with an industry-leading Sales Offer creation platform independent from their PSS for pricing, shopping, merchandising and NDC distribution. Vayant’s advanced, cost effective and easy to deploy solutions enable airlines to take control of their distribution and optimize their revenues across their direct and NDC channels. More than 25 customers including global, regional and hybrid airlines, have chosen Vayant solutions to power their digital commerce and their NDC distribution. Visit

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